Question: Why should I buy from J Love Candle Co.?

Answer:  Just note that we love all candle maker families! What sets us apart from your mainstream companies is that our candles are hand-poured, in small batches, with a lot of positive energy and love.  To us, this is to ensure you receive a great quality candle. Oh and let's not forget our wonderful aromas! 


Question: How do these candles benefit me?

Answer: Candles can be very beneficial and this will depend on how you use them. Candles can create a nice ambiance, for romance, rest and relaxation. They can also be used for meditation, aromatherapy and/or for your everyday home décor. We believe that our candles are a perfect addition to any space.


Question: Are they aromatic?

Answer: Yes they are. We have a range of scents from earthy/musk and fruity to masculine and clean, crisp scents.